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About to Divorce? Tips for Doing So in a Friendly Way

3 June 2022
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It may not ever be easy to break up a marriage but there are things you can do to make things easier. Read on for some tips on parting ways while staying off the battleground. Be open with your spouse. Once it's clear that you want to split up, speak with your spouse about it. Try to get things started using a conciliatory attitude and maybe your partner will do so as well. Read More …

Why You Should Speak To A Lawyer Before Relocating During A Divorce

2 May 2022
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While some marriages end because of personal disagreements, other marriages end because both partners are moving in a different direction in life and it would simply make more sense to end the marriage. You might find that you need to relocate before your divorce and you might wonder if this will affect the divorce process. Relocating can especially be complicated when you are co-parenting. Talk to Your Ex-Partner About Your Relocation Read More …

Family Law Services: Steps to Take When Your Spouse Stops Honoring the Custody Agreement

28 March 2022
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One of the crucial parts of the separation process is creating a custody agreement, especially when you have children. The agreement outlines who the parent with primary custody will be. It also details visitation times, the decisions that each parent can make for the child, and dispute resolution methods. Unfortunately, people who have undergone separation may sometimes argue and disagree on the terms of their custody agreement. Often, this hurts the children. Read More …

Is A Truck Liable For An Accident If They Couldn’t Stop In Time?

18 February 2022
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In a truck accident, a truck driver might say they weren't able to stop in time because their truck was too big to stop that fast. This might sound reasonable, but does it mean they aren't liable for an accident? A Truck Driver Has to Maintain a Safe Following Distance A truck driver has a responsibility to make sure he doesn't run into anything while his vehicle is moving. He must watch where he's going and keep his speed under the speed limit. Read More …

3 Key Arbitration Processes Handled By Lawyers

11 January 2022
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Disputes can arise due to various issues, such as disagreements over the interpretation of a contract, trade disputes, or even personal differences between parties. When there is a dispute, parties usually go to courts to try and settle the matter. However, the courts may be unnecessary if an agreement can be reached through arbitration. Lawyers can settle commercial and personal disputes. Here are three arbitration aspects these lawyers handle.  Case Assessments Read More …