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Do These Four Things When Facing False Allegations Of Rape

8 December 2016
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Few crimes that will make the society loathe you as much as sexual crimes. Even false allegations are enough to ruin your reputation. That's why you need to be on toes with your defense from the moment you are falsely accused of rape. If you are ever faced with a false charge of sexual assault, take these four steps to prepare for your defense: Stay Away From Your Accuser Resist the temptation to argue, negotiate or harass your accuser. Read More …

Are You Being Falsely Accused Of Fraud At Work?

17 November 2016
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Fraud is a serious felony that can be difficult to defend against, and it can be destructive to a reputation. If you are being falsely accused of fraud at work by a co-worker or a superior, you are in a tough legal situation. Thankfully, you can defend yourself against these false claims. Potential Penalties If Found Guilty You might think that your innocence will protect you from being successfully prosecuted. Sadly, this is not always the case. Read More …

Bankruptcy Options For Keeping A Car That You Still Owe On

27 October 2016
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Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful and slightly scary, especially if you depend on your car but still owe money on it. In chapter 7 bankruptcy you have a few options when it comes to your car, and some of them even allow you to keep the car. The following guide can help you better understand these options so you can make an educated choice. Option #1: Surrender the car Read More …

Decide Not To Pay Your Child Support Because You Think It’s Unfair? This Is What To Expect (And It Isn’t Good News)

6 October 2016
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Child support payments can be a thorny issue long after a divorce, especially if you feel like your ex is milking the support payments for his or her own benefit or in order to avoid getting a job. Sometimes the demands for increased support seem to be capricious or unnecessary. So what happens, then, if you decide not to pay? Here's what you should know. If you're employed, you may be subject to automatic garnishment. Read More …

Knowledge Isn’t Always Power: Avoiding Insider Trading

19 September 2016
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If you work for or have family or friends who work for a company that is publicly traded, you might think that getting information from them about how the company is doing could help you make better investment decisions. However, as simple as that seems, it would in most cases be illegal, considered to be insider trading (so called because you're trading shares based on insider information that isn't available to everyone). Read More …