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Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice? Know These 4 Tips

22 September 2022
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Do you feel like you were wronged by a doctor and have a valid medical malpractice case on your hands? If so, it will help to know these tips that can help justify a lawsuit.  Know That You Must Have Sustained Damages It's important to understand that it is not enough for a doctor to simply make a mistake to justify a medical malpractice lawsuit. There must be some type of damage caused to you that you can prove. Read More …

Unmarried Partners And Estate Planning Precautions

24 August 2022
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Having an estate plan is more important than you might expect when you are unmarried. Being a legal spouse provides certain powers and rights that are not present when single. However, you can use estate planning to cover things when a partner is ill or dies. Read on and find out more. Estate Planning Covers More Some make the mistake of confining estate planning to what happens after a death of a loved one. Read More …

Should I Ask My Lawyer About Recording The Deed To A Property I’m Purchasing?

26 July 2022
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A deed is a legal instrument that is in writing and allows for an interest in real estate to be passed from one individual to another. Once you have become the new owner to a deed, you will have all the rights that are associated with it. However, there are some cases where you intend to purchase property and the seller discovers that a deed was never recorded. If this is the case, you'll want to speak with a real estate lawyer about how to move forward. Read More …

How Working With A Legal Advisor Can Enable You To Get A Favorable Outcome In A Civil Claim

30 June 2022
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Some civil lawsuits are straightforward, and you can reach an amicable settlement agreement with the other party without going to court. However, you might consider fighting the matter in court if you can't agree on a favorable payment after lengthy negotiations. In this case, the judge will give you and the other party time to argue your case before delivering a judgment. You need to know how to navigate the legal process and properly portray your story in court to boost your success. Read More …

About to Divorce? Tips for Doing So in a Friendly Way

3 June 2022
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It may not ever be easy to break up a marriage but there are things you can do to make things easier. Read on for some tips on parting ways while staying off the battleground. Be open with your spouse. Once it's clear that you want to split up, speak with your spouse about it. Try to get things started using a conciliatory attitude and maybe your partner will do so as well. Read More …