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Dealing With a DUI? 3 Things To Know About Hiring a Lawyer

1 July 2021
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While driving under the influence is something you will want to avoid, if you find yourself fighting a DUI charge, you may need legal help. DUIs can have long-lasting negative impacts on your life. Things like losing your license, dealing with increased insurance costs, and facing fines or jail time can be challenging to deal with alone. Here are three things to know about hiring a DUI lawyer.  They Can Give You An Opinion On Your Case Read More …

How Working With An Estate Planning Attorney Safeguards Your Family’s Welfare

7 June 2021
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How well would your family fare if you became incapacitated or passed on today? It is natural not to want to think about such things, or to procrastinate handling them. There is also a mistaken trend of trying to do DIY estate planning. While there are many free templates and guides online, each individual's estate has unique needs. Working with an estate planning attorney helps avoid fatal mistakes that would jeopardize your family's future. Read More …

3 Tips For Having A Family Discussion About Your Estate Plan

28 April 2021
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Have you yet to create an estate plan and feel that it is now time? If so, it will help to follow these tips for creating an estate plan that works for you and your family. Set A Time To Talk About It The first thing that you will do when creating an estate plan is to simply talk about it with everyone in your family. It can be a tough conversation to bring up, especially if someone has been avoiding the topic because they don't want to discuss what will happen after they pass away. Read More …

Protecting Your Trademarks And IP, Or Bullying? How To Avoid Going Too Far

30 March 2021
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It's bad enough to face bullying in school and at work, so the last thing you need is to be involved in bullying someone else, especially over a name. Trademark bullying is real, and it's when a company goes after other companies for using that first company's name or something similar in situations that are clearly not a violation of trademark. In these cases, the company suing is almost always a huge company with lots of money, and the defendant is a smaller company that may not have the financial resources to fight back. Read More …

A 247 Bail Bond Company Can Save The Day When You Need Help The Most

1 March 2021
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What are you planning on getting up to at 1 a.m. next Friday night? Chances are high that the answer probably isn't that you'd like to go to jail. But life happens fast sometimes, and if things go sideways for you, you could find yourself in handcuffs before you know what hit you. Nobody plans on going to jail, but a little advance planning for such a situation can go a long way towards getting you back to your family quickly if something like this should ever occur. Read More …