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Not So Neighborly Legal Issues

You’ve Been Bitten By A Dog: 4 Important Steps To Take

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Being bitten by a dog can leave you with injuries, both physical and emotional, that will require professional attention. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. However, to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to, there are some steps you should take that will protect your rights. Here are four things you should do if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite.  Locate the Owners If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you should try to locate the owners as soon as possible. This is important because you’ll need information about the dog for your medical care. For instance, it’s important to know if the dog is current with its vaccinations, especially the rabies shots. File a Report If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you need to file a report with police department, as well as with the animal control agency in your area. Reporting the incident will serve two functions. First, if the dog has never bitten before, the report will begin a paper trail that will be useful if it should bite someone else. Second, if it has bitten before, it will provide additional evidence that officials can use against the dog and its owners. This is particularly important if the dog has the potential of becoming a danger to the community. Speak to an Attorney If you’ve suffered serious injuries, you should speak to an attorney (such as one from The Kirbo Law Firm) as soon as possible. This is especially important if you’re having a difficult time obtaining information from the dog’s owners. If the owners are denying responsibility, you’ll need legal assistance to receive assistance for medical care and other costs associated with the injuries. Document the Injuries If you have access to a camera, you should take pictures of the injuries as soon as possible. Continue taking pictures of the injuries throughout the healing process. Photographs will help your attorney document the severity of the injuries. This evidence will be particularly beneficial should the owners of the dog dispute your injury claim. In addition, should your case go to trial, the photographs will provide evidence of the injuries for the court to view. Dog bites can leave you traumatized. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you need to make sure that you get the help you need. The tips provided here will help you receive the compensation you’re entitled...

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Three Topics To Discuss When Hiring A Criminal Attorney

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Having a brush with the law can be unnerving, especially if you’re new to the experience. However, having a skilled criminal attorney in your corner can make you feel much more comfortable about a positive resolution to your legal situation. It’s valuable to hire a criminal attorney as quickly as possible, although you shouldn’t rush the process because it’s important to find the right attorney for your case. You’ll likely find yourself talking to a few different attorneys to discuss how their credentials will suit you. During these discussions, be sure to cover these three crucial topics before you decide which attorney to hire to represent you. Likelihood And Outcome Of A Plea Agreement Given that you’ll want to hire a criminal attorney who has handled past cases that share similarities with yours, you can benefit from asking about the chance of a plea agreement being reached. Criminal cases are often settled with a plea agreement to avoid lengthy court cases with unpredictable outcomes. Short of being fully exonerated, think about the plea agreement that could suit you. Would you pay a fine? Settle for community service? By talking about this topic with the attorney, you’ll be able to get a sense whether a plea agreement is likely and, if so, what its outcome could look like. Courses And Programs An experienced criminal attorney can advise you about any courses and programs in which your immediate membership would be valuable. For example, if you’ve been charged with an assault, the attorney might recommend that you sign up for an anger-management program. For a drug case, it’s sensible to get into a rehabilitation program as soon as possible. Getting this advice is valuable because your attorney will be able to present these facts in court to show that you’re accepting responsibility for any mistakes you may have made, and you are taking steps to avoid similar situations in the future. Using Experts It’s useful to talk to the criminal attorney about the network of experts that he or she uses to strengthen clients’ cases. Ideally, you’ll want to hear about reputable people who can meet with you to support your case. For example, a respected psychologist who can attest to your personality profile can prove a valuable tool for your defense. The attorney should be able to suggest a group of experts and also explain how he or she will use them to help you...

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10 Warning Signs That You Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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Your job-related injury is likely covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, but claims are not always paid in a timely and trouble-free manner. This insurance is meant to cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages if you are injured on the job. It’s important that you inform your supervisor immediately and follow up to ensure that the reports are filled out and filed once you discover your injury. Unfortunately, even if you do everything possible to make sure that your claim is filed, you may encounter situations where you need to seek professional legal help. Read on to learn some signs that you may need to talk with an attorney, like Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn LLP. 1. You have been forced to use your own medical insurance or pay out of your pocket for the medical expenses associated with your injury due your employer’s failure to file a timely claim. 2. Your employer has not filed your claim or is disputing some of facts of the incident and/or delaying the filing of the claim. 3. You have been left with injuries so severe that you fear you will never be able to work at your job, or any job, again. 4. Your injuries resulted in a long hospital stay, coma, amputation, a long convalescence and/or major surgery. 5. Your doctor has informed you that your injuries may be permanent and that a full recovery may not be possible. 6. You have been denied your claim by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company or your state’s workers’ comp board. 7. You have reason to doubt that you are receiving the full benefits that you are entitled to as a result of injury. For example, you may have been asked to return to work before you are fully healed. 8. Your injury has left you unable to cope with issues surrounding your claim. For example, a serious brain injury has left you unable to properly fight for your rights to coverage. 9. You have an injury that is more difficult to prove. Many mental health issues fall into this category, such as severe and debilitating anxiety caused by an unusually stressful work environment. 10. Your injury is the result of an accumulation of repeated incidents. This type of injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, happens gradually over time rather than a one-time event. Toxic exposure situations, such as asbestos, is another example of an injury where the full result may not be known until later. Experiencing any one of the above issues should cause concern. Never simply accept adverse rulings and denials; you have the right to be fairly compensated for your work-related injuries. Contact a workers’ comp attorney as soon as you sense that your claim process is not progressing...

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5 Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

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Whether it is your first offense or not, getting arrested for a DUI is not something you should take lightly. Even if you avoid jail time, you may have to deal with some long-term ramifications if you are found guilty. Here are five consequences of a DUI conviction: Your Driver’s License Could Get Taken Away If you are convicted off a DUI, there is a good chance that your driver’s license will get revoked for a while. Not being able to drive can make your life a lot more difficult, especially if you live in an area without public transportation. You will be forced to rely on other people to give you rides to work, school, and even the grocery store. You May Have Difficulties Getting a Job When you have a DUI conviction on your record, getting certain jobs may be much more difficult. For example, you may never be able to get a job that involves driving a vehicle, such as truck driving, pizza delivery, or cab driving. Your Car Insurance Rates May Go Up Higher car insurance premiums are something else you have to worry about with a DUI conviction. Your insurance company will likely consider you a high risk and charge you more money for insurance every month. These higher insurance rates may be difficult to pay, especially if you are on a tight budget. You May Have to Take Substance Abuse Classes If the judge believes it is necessary, he may require you to take substance abuse classes after being convicted with a DUI. These classes will not just take up a lot of your time; they will also cost you money. It Can Negatively Affect Your Personal Relationships If you get convicted with a DUI, it may negatively affect the way your family members and friends feel about you. They may think you are irresponsible and never get in the car when you are behind the wheel. Some of your family and friends may also think you have a drinking problem. Having your loved ones lose trust in you can have a terrible effect on your self-esteem. As you can see, a DUI conviction can have many negative effects on your life. If you were just charged with a DUI, you need to talk to an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. He may be able to help reduce or dismiss your charges. To speak to a DUI lawyer, contact a law firm such as Boehmer...

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Can Allegations Of Benefits Fraud Help Your Divorce Or Custody Case?

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If you’ve recently divorced your spouse after suffering through years of freeloading behavior, you may be mortified (but not really surprised) to discover your spouse is committing benefits fraud. This fraud can take a number of forms — from forging medical paperwork to secure federal disability benefits to lying about income or assets to qualify for food stamps. What, if anything, should you do upon learning of your ex’s fraudulent ways? Can this serve as grounds to change your custody or support agreement? Read on to learn more about how alleging benefits fraud could impact your case. What should you do upon discovering your ex is committing benefits fraud?  Each federal agency that provides cash assistance to citizens (like the Social Security Administration (SSA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), or Department of Housing and Urban Development) has a dedicated group of employees tasked with identifying and rooting out fraud. By making an anonymous report to the overseeing authority, you’ll be able to ensure that a file is opened on your ex-spouse and any allegations of fraud are thoroughly investigated. Many public funds are also administered by various state agencies. While it’s less likely these agencies have their own fraud divisions, most states do have ways to report fraud to be investigated by the state’s Attorney General or other enforcement entity.  Will reporting benefits fraud to the divorce court impact your case? Even after reporting this benefits fraud to the appropriate regulatory agency, you may be tempted to use this information as leverage against your ex-spouse to secure more child support or a more favorable custody agreement. Unfortunately, unless this fraud is serious or blatant enough to call into question your ex’s mental state, it’s unlikely to have any impact on a pre-existing custody arrangement. However, your ex’s benefit fraud may have gone hand-in-hand with hiding income or assets from the divorce court — and this could potentially impact your child support agreement. If your ex was able to commit fraud by taking payments in cash from his or her employer and avoiding taxes on this amount, it’s possible the amount of child support he or she was ordered to pay was inadequate. If the divorce court determines that your ex-spouse has been hiding money in an attempt to qualify for government benefits, your ex may be ordered to pay any extra child support owed dating back to when the fraud first began.  For more information, contact a family lawyer, like those at the Law office of Kristine A. Michael,...

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In Financial Trouble? 5 Things You Should Know About Bankruptcy

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You probably thought that bankruptcy was something that affected other people. You had a good job, you paid all your bills on time. You even had a little bit of money left over each month to go and have fun with. Then the bottom fell out. You got sick, lost your job or had to file for divorce. Now you’re facing financial ruin. You can’t pay your bills and the creditors are calling non-stop. They may have even started calling your employer or your friends and family. If this sounds familiar, there are some things you need to know before you file for bankruptcy. 1. You’ll need an Attorney If you’ve decided that bankruptcy is your only solution, you’re going to need an attorney. While there are legal proceedings that you can take care of without an attorney, bankruptcy is not one of them. Failing to fill the paperwork out properly, or missing a deadline could result in your case being denied. Don’t take chances with your financial future. Hire a bankruptcy attorney to handle your case. 2. There will be a Court Hearing You’ll have to go to court, at least once. Before you panic, you should know that it will be a brief meeting. This is where your creditors have an opportunity to state their claim against you. In most cases, creditors don’t show up. The judge will ask you questions and you’ll be done. If you’ve hired an attorney, they’ll be there to represent you. 3. You’ll Take Some Classes Before your bankruptcy can be discharged, you’ll need to take two classes. The pre-petition class will make sure you’ve done everything you can to avoid bankruptcy. The post-petition class will help you learn ways to better manage your money so you can avoid bankruptcy in the future. 4. Some of Your Debt May Remain If you thought that bankruptcy would erase all your debt, you may be wrong. Some types of debt cannot be discharged through bankruptcy proceedings. If you have the following debts, you will be required to continue paying them. Student loans Child support Alimony Criminal fines Federal taxes 5. You’ll Get the Chance to Rebuild Your Credit Once your bankruptcy is discharged, it will remain on your credit report for the next 10 years. During that time, you can begin rebuilding your credit. One way to begin rebuilding your credit is to apply for a secured credit card. With a secured credit card, your credit limit is established by the money you’ll place in a savings account. Once you’ve made a pre-determined number of timely payments, your secured card can be upgraded to an unsecured card. Once your bankruptcy has been removed from your credit report, you’ll have the fresh start you need. If you’ve fallen on to hard financial times, it might be time for you to consider bankruptcy. Talk to your attorney about the options that are available to...

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What Is Included In An ALJ’s Determination Letter For A Disability Claim Appeal?

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If you request an appeal of a denied Social Security disability benefits claim and lose the appeal, a hearing with an administrative law judge, or ALJ, is scheduled if you want to continue the appeals process. The judge will review the evidence and make a decision. You will receive a determination notice that provides a look into what factors the judge considered. To help you understand the judge’s decision, here is an explanation of three areas which should be included in the notice. Medication Side Effects The ALJ is required to consider not only the medications that you take, but also the side effects that are caused by them. In some instances, the medications can sometimes affect a person’s ability to work. If this is true in your case, it is important that the judge factor this into his or her decision. If he or she failed to mention the side effects in the judgment, you can argue in your appeal that the side effects were not considered and you are entitled to a re-consideration of your claim. Medical Record The responsibilities of the ALJ extends beyond reviewing the information that he or she is presented. If the judge finds that the evidence you have submitted, such as your medical records, is not substantial enough to properly review your claim, he or she must take steps to find evidence that is. He or she can choose to contact you and request additional information, contact your medical care providers, and even request additional medical records. The judge can even ask that you undergo a consultative examination. If the judge in your case failed to take any steps to fully understand your disability, the decision can be viewed as grounds for a new hearing. Judge’s Explanation When the ALJ determines that the denial of your appeal should stand, he or she is required to detail exactly why in the notification letter sent to you. For instance, if the judge did not feel as if your medical condition prevented you from working, he or she needs to state why. The ALJ could state that he or she felt work was not too difficult because you were able to do strenuous yard work without problem. The judge could argue that you made inconsistent statements about the extent of your injuries. Whatever the reason, the explanation needs to be very specific. Consult with an experienced attorney who can help you assess the ALJ’s decision and determine if there were any errors made by him or her that you can use to your advantage.  Contact a firm like   Ball &...

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3 Reasons You Need A Lawyer When Developing Your Estate Plan

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Can you truly say you have it what it takes to draft your own estate plan? For most of you, you probably can’t. There is a lot more to an estate plan than listing your assets and deciding who gets them once you pass. Things can get a lot more complicated. Here are three reasons that you should consider hiring an attorney to handle your end-of-life plans: 1. A Lawyer Can Help You Accurately Craft and Customize a Will. While it is true that you can find basic templates online that will help you fill out a will for yourself, the truth of the matter is that you need to consider that your heir’s future is on the line with the content within your will. As a general rule, your life, family and assets are not going to fit very neatly into one of those mass-produced templates. When you need to alter a certain provision in one of those form wills, you run the risk of that provision and possibly even the entire will being invalidated. Therefore, it is better to have an attorney by your side who can help you draft a will accurately from scratch and make any necessary changes throughout your life. 2. An Attorney Can Help Ensure That Your Family Avoids the Probate Process. Probate. It’s an ugly word, and most people do not want to think about their family having to go through the lengthy, expensive process after they die. Luckily, there are ways to avoid it. Some common ways include gifting assets, making use of death beneficiaries (payable on death accounts), and joint property ownership. Another option is a trust. Like wills, there are templates available for trusts. But, again, it is better to leave the drafting up to an experienced attorney to ensure the trust and the rest of your estate plan isn’t throw out the window because you crossed a ‘T’ when you should have dotted an ‘I’. 3. A Lawyer Will Know When You Need to Update Your Existing Estate Plan. While your estate plan from a couple of months ago was airtight, it may not be worded appropriately for the new laws that just came out. Estate planning laws are constantly updating, and this isn’t something that you’ll likely being staying abreast on. Luckily, your estate planning attorney is and can inform you of any changes that need to be made to your existing plan. Plus, if you purchase a new piece of property or have a baby, you may not be thinking about your estate plan, but your attorney will. In instances when you might overlook the important of updating your estate plan, your attorney will keep you on track. For more information, contact Flaccus Law or a similar...

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Tips for Hiring Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Going to court unprepared can give you a rude awakening, especially if you are facing criminal charges. You’ll need to be sure to put some time and energy into hiring a credible criminal defense lawyer so that you are able to develop a strategy that will help you to either walk with an acquittal or receive a lesser sentence via a plea bargain. When you’re going through the process of hiring a professional, highly reputable criminal defense lawyer whose business you trust, consider these guidelines.  Hire a Specialist  The lawyer that you hired to defend you in a criminal case should be as equipped for the job as possible. For best results, hire someone whose specialty is to defend against your particular type of charge. If you are facing a larceny charge, for example, hire someone who deals with financial crimes. Likewise, if you are facing a driving under the influence charge, you should hire a DUI lawyer. These areas of law are very nuanced and have consistent changes that your lawyer needs to be aware of. So your best chance of success is hiring the type of lawyer that specializes in the type of charge you are facing. Know Whether You’re Getting an Individual or a Team An often-overlooked step to take is to understand exactly who you will be dealing with. In some cases, you are hiring an individual lawyer, but in many other cases, you are hiring a team of lawyers. It is best to hire a law firm with a solid team so they can put their heads together for the best defense. This way, you get more attention on your needs and a better chance of success. Verify Board Certifications Checking on a lawyer’s board certification first will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to finding a capable attorney. Each state has a recognized board and you should only hire a lawyer who is a member. This way, you know you’re getting the highest quality attorney to represent you with your case. Get All Financial Obligations in Writing To avoid getting hit with financial charges that you were not aware of, make sure that all facets of your case are hammered out in a contract. By knowing what legal fees you are on the hook for, you’ll be able to plan accordingly, whether that means setting aside some extra money or getting put on a payment plan. You want to hire the best lawyer possible, so make sure that you don’t let any financial issues trip you up. Keep this information in mind and use it to get the best defense for your criminal charges. Speak with a criminal defense lawyer like Thomas A Corletta for more advice and...

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3 Reasons A Judge Would Grant A Fault Divorce

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If you are filing for a divorce, chances are that you are filing a no-fault divorce. This means that one person in particular did not cause the end of the marriage. Instead, both spouses for their own reasons decided that they no longer wanted to be married to each other. However, in some cases you may have grounds to a fault divorce, meaning that one spouse did something that caused that made the marriage unsalvageable. Here are three reasons you could ask for a fault divorce. 1. Infidelity One of the most common reasons that people ask for a fault divorce is that one spouse was unfaithful. If your spouse has had an affair, especially if they have had multiple affairs and they are showing a habit of cheating, you might be able to have ground for a fault divorce. If you are going to ask for a fault divorce based on infidelity, you will have to have proof. Your spouse will probably deny it, since it could hurt them legally if they were found guilty. This is why you need to have some sort of documentation through phone records, emails, texts messages, videos and so forth. Otherwise, the affairs will only been seen as circumstantial. 2. Incarceration If your spouse has been charged with a crime that will cause them to be in prison for a long time, you may be able to ask for a divorce simply because they cannot be a present spouse if they are in jail. In many cases, the spouse cannot even contest it. They have no right, since their being away from the marriage is beyond their control. If your spouse has been incarcerated, this is something you should consider, especially if their incarceration is for a long time. 3. Abuse If there has been a history of abuse in the home, then there is a good chance that you could be granted a fault divorce. No court is going to expect you to stay in a marriage that is dangerous to you and/or your children. In fact, they would probably encourage you to protect yourself and remove yourself, and your children, from the situation. If you are planning on proving abuse, you need to have proof. Call the police after a dispute, go to the doctor the next day, take a picture, or do anything else that you can to prove that abuse actually happened. And be sure to hire a professional lawyer, like those at the Law Offices of Gordon Liebmann, to help you through the divorce process. These are three reasons that a judge would grant a fault...

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