Top Signs You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

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Top Signs You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

13 September 2021
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You might have thought that you would never find yourself in a situation in which you would need to hire a criminal defense attorney, but now you might have actually found yourself in one of these situations. If you're curious about when it might be a good idea to get in contact with a criminal defense attorney so you can use their services, consider these examples to determine what is best for your situation.

You Have Found Out There's a Warrant for Your Arrest

You might have recently found out that there's a warrant for your arrest, such as if you have been called or otherwise contacted by a member of law enforcement. If this is the case, then you might be really nervous about what is going to happen to you, which is certainly understandable in this type of situation. It's important to stay calm and to avoid "going on the run" if you want to avoid making things worse, however. Instead, you should consider getting in contact with a criminal defense attorney who can better explain a little more about the situation and who can assist you in turning yourself in.

You Think You're Going to Be Charged With a Crime

You might have heard rumors that you are going to be accused of a crime, or you know that you committed a crime and might be concerned that charges are coming soon. In these scenarios, it might seem like you should just wait until you are actually charged with a crime before you do anything. However, as soon as you become aware of the fact that you could be facing charges, you should definitely get in contact with a criminal defense attorney.

You Have Been Arrested

If you have recently been arrested and put in jail, you might want to contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible. However, you might actually find that your first phone call should be to a defense lawyer. If you have recently been arrested and have already gotten out of jail but haven't hired a lawyer yet, then this is something that you should definitely do without delay.

You Have Serious Driving Charges

If you have recently been pulled over and charged with one or more charges when driving, you might assume that you need to hire a traffic lawyer to help you as soon as possible. However, depending on the charges that you are dealing with, you might need a criminal defense lawyer instead. For example, this is typically the case for more serious driving-related charges, such as driving while your license is revoked or driving while impaired.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for a defense attorney.