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The Sun Glare Isn’t An Adequate Excuse For Negligence During A Car Accident

22 October 2021
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At certain times of the day, you might discover that it can be more difficult to drive because of the sun's glare. Other drivers might be suffering from this same problem. Then, after an accident, a driver might claim that the accident was unavoidable because of the glare of the sun.  Sun Glares are Not an Acceptable Excuse Because a sun glare will often occur at the same time of the day, drivers are expected to anticipate sun glares. Read More …

Top Signs You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

13 September 2021
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You might have thought that you would never find yourself in a situation in which you would need to hire a criminal defense attorney, but now you might have actually found yourself in one of these situations. If you're curious about when it might be a good idea to get in contact with a criminal defense attorney so you can use their services, consider these examples to determine what is best for your situation. Read More …

Medical Bills After A Car Crash: How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

12 August 2021
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Being involved in a car crash can be incredibly scary and traumatic. The whole situation can be made even worse if you sustain serious injuries. In this type of situation, getting medical care is extremely important to help ensure that you are treated and make a full recovery. But before long, you will start receiving medical bills from the providers who treated you, and you may not know what to do when the accident was caused by the other driver. Read More …

Dealing With a DUI? 3 Things To Know About Hiring a Lawyer

1 July 2021
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While driving under the influence is something you will want to avoid, if you find yourself fighting a DUI charge, you may need legal help. DUIs can have long-lasting negative impacts on your life. Things like losing your license, dealing with increased insurance costs, and facing fines or jail time can be challenging to deal with alone. Here are three things to know about hiring a DUI lawyer.  They Can Give You An Opinion On Your Case Read More …

How Working With An Estate Planning Attorney Safeguards Your Family’s Welfare

7 June 2021
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How well would your family fare if you became incapacitated or passed on today? It is natural not to want to think about such things, or to procrastinate handling them. There is also a mistaken trend of trying to do DIY estate planning. While there are many free templates and guides online, each individual's estate has unique needs. Working with an estate planning attorney helps avoid fatal mistakes that would jeopardize your family's future. Read More …