Why You Should Speak To A Lawyer Before Relocating During A Divorce

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Why You Should Speak To A Lawyer Before Relocating During A Divorce

2 May 2022
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While some marriages end because of personal disagreements, other marriages end because both partners are moving in a different direction in life and it would simply make more sense to end the marriage. You might find that you need to relocate before your divorce and you might wonder if this will affect the divorce process. Relocating can especially be complicated when you are co-parenting.

Talk to Your Ex-Partner About Your Relocation

It's important to discuss your relocation before you file for divorce. You might be able to work something out before and this can reduce the number of legal headaches that you will experience.

If your partner does not agree to the relocation, this issue might be dealt with in family court. You will need your divorce lawyer to help you negotiate terms that are favorable to you. Also, the further away you intend to move, the more likely that the legal side of things will be more complicated. 

Relocating Can Affect Your Custody

When you move away, you may be putting a lot of distance between you and the other parent of the child. If this is the case, the courts will take a variety of factors into consideration when determining who will have custody such as the bond that both of you have with your child, the impact that it will have on their education, and the impact it will have on their social life. 

You Might Face Criminal Charges if You Leave the State

You may need to move out of your state. However, you are not allowed to do this unless you have permission from the courts. Otherwise, you might potentially face criminal charges. In some cases, you might even be charged with kidnapping. Therefore, you will need to discuss with your divorce lawyer the need for you to move out of the state so you can do so in a way that is legal.

You Could Lose Your House

If you and your ex were living in the same home together and you leave, this could cause you to lose your right to your marital home. Your partner will be more likely to receive the home in the divorce if you both do not agree to sell it and split the money.

Also, if you leave the children behind and do not provide any assistance, this is considered abandonment. Therefore, you should always consult with a divorce lawyer before making a major decision such as moving. Attorneys like Thompson Salinas Londergan, LLP can help with more information.