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Is A Truck Liable For An Accident If They Couldn’t Stop In Time?

18 February 2022
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In a truck accident, a truck driver might say they weren't able to stop in time because their truck was too big to stop that fast. This might sound reasonable, but does it mean they aren't liable for an accident? A Truck Driver Has to Maintain a Safe Following Distance A truck driver has a responsibility to make sure he doesn't run into anything while his vehicle is moving. He must watch where he's going and keep his speed under the speed limit. Read More …

3 Key Arbitration Processes Handled By Lawyers

11 January 2022
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Disputes can arise due to various issues, such as disagreements over the interpretation of a contract, trade disputes, or even personal differences between parties. When there is a dispute, parties usually go to courts to try and settle the matter. However, the courts may be unnecessary if an agreement can be reached through arbitration. Lawyers can settle commercial and personal disputes. Here are three arbitration aspects these lawyers handle.  Case Assessments Read More …

3 Types Of Corporate Litigation And Why You Need An Attorney

30 November 2021
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In today's business environment, it's not uncommon to find disputes within corporates and between enterprises. While such issues are common, they need proper handling because they can impact your business differently. As a business leader, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit that can tarnish your organization and damage its reputation. Also, you'll likely spend a lot of money dealing with such cases. If you're a manager dealing with legal disputes, you shouldn't navigate this alone because the journey can be challenging. Read More …

The Sun Glare Isn’t An Adequate Excuse For Negligence During A Car Accident

22 October 2021
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At certain times of the day, you might discover that it can be more difficult to drive because of the sun's glare. Other drivers might be suffering from this same problem. Then, after an accident, a driver might claim that the accident was unavoidable because of the glare of the sun.  Sun Glares are Not an Acceptable Excuse Because a sun glare will often occur at the same time of the day, drivers are expected to anticipate sun glares. Read More …

Top Signs You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

13 September 2021
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You might have thought that you would never find yourself in a situation in which you would need to hire a criminal defense attorney, but now you might have actually found yourself in one of these situations. If you're curious about when it might be a good idea to get in contact with a criminal defense attorney so you can use their services, consider these examples to determine what is best for your situation. Read More …