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Protecting Your Trademarks And IP, Or Bullying? How To Avoid Going Too Far

30 March 2021
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It's bad enough to face bullying in school and at work, so the last thing you need is to be involved in bullying someone else, especially over a name. Trademark bullying is real, and it's when a company goes after other companies for using that first company's name or something similar in situations that are clearly not a violation of trademark. In these cases, the company suing is almost always a huge company with lots of money, and the defendant is a smaller company that may not have the financial resources to fight back. Read More …

A 247 Bail Bond Company Can Save The Day When You Need Help The Most

1 March 2021
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What are you planning on getting up to at 1 a.m. next Friday night? Chances are high that the answer probably isn't that you'd like to go to jail. But life happens fast sometimes, and if things go sideways for you, you could find yourself in handcuffs before you know what hit you. Nobody plans on going to jail, but a little advance planning for such a situation can go a long way towards getting you back to your family quickly if something like this should ever occur. Read More …