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Filing for Divorce? 3 Situations You Need to Discuss With Your Attorney

18 March 2020
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If you plan to file for divorce, you need to be honest with your divorce attorney. There may be things that you don't want to share with your attorney, but secrecy isn't going to help your case. When you sit down to talk to your attorney, here are three things that you need to discuss with them.  History of Abuse If your marriage was ever affected by abuse, it's important that you share that information with your attorney. Read More …

When You Need A Guide Through Probate

11 February 2020
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When it's time to create or update a will, everyone knows to turn to a probate lawyer. After that, though, some people are fuzzy about what the duties of a probate lawyer are. The probate process is a very old, and sometimes difficult, happening after a death, so read on and learn when a probate lawyer's services really come in handy. No Will – Those who never get around to making out a will (or when a will cannot be located) are said to have passed away intestate. Read More …