Filing for Divorce? 3 Situations You Need to Discuss With Your Attorney

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Filing for Divorce? 3 Situations You Need to Discuss With Your Attorney

18 March 2020
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If you plan to file for divorce, you need to be honest with your divorce attorney. There may be things that you don't want to share with your attorney, but secrecy isn't going to help your case. When you sit down to talk to your attorney, here are three things that you need to discuss with them. 

History of Abuse

If your marriage was ever affected by abuse, it's important that you share that information with your attorney. You may not think that it's important, but it is. In fact, you need to tell your attorney about any history of prior abuse. If you've been the victim of abuse, your attorney can help protect you against future violence. But, it's also important that you talk to your attorney about any instances of abuse where you were the initiator of the violence. Providing this information will prevent your attorney from being caught off guard should your spouse try to use it against you. 

Infidelity in the Marriage

If you or your spouse were ever unfaithful during the marriage, you need to share the details with your attorney. This is especially important in states that don't have no-fault divorces. Many states still allow the assignment of fault during divorce cases. If your divorce was caused by infidelity, the innocent party may be able to receive damages. It's important to note that you should talk to your attorney about the infidelity, even if you were the one who cheated. That way, your attorney is prepared if your spouse brings it up during the divorce. 

Money Hidden Away

If you have money hidden away, or you suspect that your spouse does, talk to your divorce attorney right away. If you live in a community property state, you and your spouse are entitled to an equal share of the marital assets. If you have hidden assets, your attorney needs to know about them. If your spouse hires an attorney, they may find those assets during the discovery process. If that happens, and your attorney doesn't know about them, your case can be damaged. If you suspect that your spouse has hidden assets, your divorce attorney can work to locate them. 

If you're going through a divorce, don't make the job harder for your attorney. Give your attorney all the information they need for your case. Use the information provided above to help identify situations you need to discuss with your attorney. For questions or concerns regarding your divorce, be sure to speak to an attorney, such as Lisa M Pacione, Attorney At Law, near you.