Time To Get Paid: How Timing Affects Accident Payments

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Time To Get Paid: How Timing Affects Accident Payments

16 March 2023
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Getting your life back to normal again is often one of the goals for victims hurt by a careless driver. After an accident with injuries, victims can be paid either quickly or not-so-quickly. Read on for an assessment of the four ways to be paid in order of timeliness.

Insurance Pays You 

If you are not hurt and have no other damage, insurance reimbursement may be the way to go. However, going this route precludes being paid for pain and suffering, lost wages, and a few other things. Basically, insurance will pay you to get your vehicle fixed or they may call it a total loss. You can file a claim with either your own insurer or the other driver's insurer. The insurer for the driver that caused the accident is the one who will ultimately end up paying the costs. While this way is fast and easy, it's not a good idea if you were injured and incurred other expenses. 

Small Claims 

If your damages fell under a certain amount, which varies by state, a small claims court could be right for your situation. You may attain more than what you would have with just accepting the insurance payment. However, you won't be paid enough to cover very many, if any, medical costs. To make sure you are not selling yourself short, run your case by a personal injury attorney before you go with a small claims case.

Seek a Settlement 

This way of being paid after an accident is preferred by most. It allows victims to be paid in a quick and easy manner. Settling a case stops short of taking it to court but it can result in the complete payment of damages in some cases. It's important for victims to hire a personal injury lawyer to get the most from a settlement, however. Most victims don't realize how much they should be paid, particularly those with serious injuries. When a victim has incurred extremely high medical bills because of the accident, things can get more complex. They might, for instance, require future medical treatment. Having a personal injury lawyer handle the case means they are covered for past and future needs. 

Take it to Court 

At times, victims must pursue their cases in court. Court usually happens when the sides cannot agree on a settlement or some other area of the case. Fault may be in question, for example, and that can lead to court. Court can take a long time and it may cost more in legal fees as well. 

Get help with your accident case by asking a car accident lawyer for more information.