How Working With An Estate Planning Attorney Safeguards Your Family's Welfare

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How Working With An Estate Planning Attorney Safeguards Your Family's Welfare

7 June 2021
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How well would your family fare if you became incapacitated or passed on today? It is natural not to want to think about such things, or to procrastinate handling them. There is also a mistaken trend of trying to do DIY estate planning. While there are many free templates and guides online, each individual's estate has unique needs. Working with an estate planning attorney helps avoid fatal mistakes that would jeopardize your family's future. These are a few reasons for working with an estate planning lawyer to safeguard your family's future.

Make and Update Estate Documents 

The first step is making estate planning documents if you haven't already. These include a will or trust, power of attorney designation, beneficiary designation, letter of intent, and guardianship arrangements. Drawing up these documents with expert help ensures they can withstand the tests of law. 

Estate planning documents should not remain static because your life progresses and circumstances change. Your asset's portfolio can shrink or swell. You could rethink your beneficiaries or the extent of their benefits. An estate planning attorney will help you update your documents lawfully.  Your loved ones will enjoy the maximum benefits at the time you pass or become incapacitated.

Legal Advice on Titling and Designations 

Many people make mistakes in asset titling by assuming that the will or trust covers all their assets. Different assets have different titles and benefit your loved ones differently. For example, real estate assets differ from retirement fund accounts.  

An estate planning lawyer helps review your assets to ensure you have titled them properly. They help review beneficiary designations to ensure that each of your loved ones is properly covered. Proper titling and beneficiary designations help avoid long legal tussles when you pass on. 

Documents Redrafting and Execution

The problem with downloading legal documents is that they have a gap in the law. You can fill in the details, but the documents will not have legal standing without notarization or witnesses. 

An estate planning attorney gives your attorney documents legal standing. They will also arrange for witnesses and public notarization. Your estate planning documents will not be challenged in court for legal loopholes.

Compliance with Appropriate Laws 

Estate laws differ slightly from state to state. Your estate planning documents must comply with these laws. Being ignorant of the laws could place your family at a loss. You need an estate planning lawyer to interpret how these laws apply to your estate.

Are you concerned about the future welfare of your loved ones when you are gone? Engage an estate planning attorney to safeguard their future. 

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