Helpful Advice For Defendants Dealing With Battery Charges

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Helpful Advice For Defendants Dealing With Battery Charges

27 August 2020
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In terms of criminal charges, battery is a pretty serious offense. It's when physical touching or bodily harm occurs. If you're dealing with this charge, proceed cautiously and remember this legal advice as you move forward.

Choose a Defense Type

If you believe you're innocent and subsequently shouldn't be penalized for the alleged battery, then you need a defense. There are several for those claiming to be completely innocent. 

The battery could have occurred because of self-defense, you defending others, or defending some sort of property. Each one of these defenses has different stipulations and you'll want to read up on them so that you choose a defense type that's appropriate.

Self-defense is typically the most common and probably one of the easier defense types to prove. It's where you acted out in violence because you felt your life was being put in harm's way.

Gather Evidence

Once you choose a particular defense to use when dealing with a battery charge, supporting evidence is required. If you don't gather this evidence, then it's essentially just your word of something happening and that's like a coin flip in court.

Having evidence sets this legal defense up for success, especially if you end up going to court on these charges. Types of evidence that can help build your case might involve testimonials from innocent bystanders, footage from a camera or cellphone, or documentation of injuries you sustained from the physical altercation.

Consult With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Battery charges are serious. You don't want to play around with one because your freedom and financial assets could be at stake. So that you do everything necessary to make this charge go away -- or at least lessen its blow -- work with a criminal defense lawyer.

They'll show you everything you're supposed to do as a defendant, such as preparing formal statements about what happened and preparing for court if settling is not an option.

A criminal defense attorney makes battery seem less intimidating because they know what tactics can serve you best moving forward. If all goes well, this charge won't greatly affect your life.

Battery can happen when two people get involved in a physical confrontation. If you're on the wrong end of this charge, then approach it cautiously and read up on what's required from you as the defendant. Being calculated and seeking professional consultation may be enough to get this charge to go away. 

For additional tips, reach out to a local criminal defense lawyer.