Keys To Setting Up The Best Child Custody Arrangement

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Keys To Setting Up The Best Child Custody Arrangement

29 June 2020
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If you are dealing with any form of splitting your relationship when you have children, you need to put their interests above all. Whether you're getting a formal divorce or just need to come up with a custody agreement, you will need the assistance from a law firm that can address the situation. Think about the circumstances that will help your children live a normal life, while also protecting your rights as a parent. Read on to learn more about working out an arrangement. 

Come to any child custody situation armed with the best lawyer

Having a lawyer will make every part of your custody arrangement easier. They're experienced in every nuance of custody law and understand what might throw your case into jeopardy. Having a go-to advisor like the Cragun Law Firm for every matter makes sure that you aren't overlooking any matter, and that you have both offense and defense for anything that comes up in court. A custody attorney can cost you as little as $1,200 and may cost more than $4,000. 

Above all, your lawyer will help you to create an arrangement that is best for your kids. They will consider things like the school your child goes to and how long they have been involved with their activities. 

Get a thorough review of your state's custody laws, and ask your attorney any relevant questions. The terms of your child custody agreement will need to take into account both who gets physical custody of the child and legal rights to make decisions regarding the child. Child support also comes into play with these situations, so check with your state to see how it is handled. 

Leave your children out of it when at all possible, but prep them for hearings when this is unavoidable

Children often take on lots of stress during these situations, which you should leave them out when at all possible. If your child's input is absolutely needed during any kind of hearing, consider appointing a third-party attorney that can speak to them calmly and with no ulterior motives. 

You can also have your child speak to a counselor so that they can deal with any emotional stress that might come about. For between about $50 per session and $80 per session you can get counseling for your child. 

Work with mediators every step of the way

It always makes the most sense to get mediation. A mediator will be an effective third-party to help both parents come to a consensus on all of the important matters. Family law mediation can cost you between about $500 and $1,500 or so depending on the circumstances you are facing. 

Let these tips help you create the best possible child custody arrangement.