Why Hiring An Attorney Matters In A Domestic Violence Case

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Why Hiring An Attorney Matters In A Domestic Violence Case

3 September 2018
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More than in most legal matters, domestic violence cases can be very emotional and cross into several fields of law. Sorting things out under such complex circumstances can be challenging, but a domestic violence lawyer can help you make sense of the process. Hiring an attorney can make a difference in these three areas:


As much as law, in general, is about paperwork, it's a huge deal in domestic violence cases. Many states require specific documents and court orders to be in place before action can be taken against a partner or a family member. Given that most jurisdictions have laws regarding how quickly you can kick someone out of a house once they've established residence there, an order will probably be necessary in order to immediately remove an accused abuser.

Requesting a protective order can be an involved process, and that's where a domestic violence attorney can make a huge difference. The protective order will outline what counts as a violation, such as specific physical distances from individuals and what constitutes inappropriate contact. Having all this documentation in place will make it easier for the police to take action when a violation occurs.


One advantage of consulting with a domestic violence lawyer is that you can get an unbiased perspective regarding what's happening. For example, a former partner might try to convince you that your rights are more limited than they really are; however, an attorney will give you a clear understanding of what your rights are and how you can protect yourself.

A lawyer may also function as a buffer, reducing direct contact with someone who might upset you. This can serve to minimize outbursts and keep all involved parties focused on compliance and safety issues.


It might seem disturbing to think that the police don't always take domestic violence cases seriously, but the job of law enforcement can be tricky. In the absence of protective orders and retention of counsel by a victim, the cops are often not in a position to do anything unless there is an immediate indication that someone is going to be hurt.

Police officers tend to take cases more seriously once a domestic violence lawyer is involved because it indicates the victim intends to stay the course. Proceedings often cross in multiple courts, including ones governing criminal and family law, and that means more appearances for the cops in a case.

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