Facts About The Disability Benefit Application Process You Should Know

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Facts About The Disability Benefit Application Process You Should Know

28 July 2018
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Facing the prospects of having a permanent disability can be a frightening time in your life. In particular, individuals will often be extremely worried about their ability to continue to financially support themselves.

Disabilities May Not Always Be Physical In Nature

A common belief is that only physical disabilities are covered under these benefits. Yet, there are many disabilities that affect mental or emotional processes. These individuals are still protected by these benefits. However, the process of proving a nonphysical disability can be more difficult, but it is an option for those suffering from these issues. Typically, there will be a need for more expert witness testimony and diagnoses to confirm the applicant's condition is severe enough to inhibit them from being able to function well enough to support themselves.

The Need To Appeal A Denial Is Fairly Common

Many individuals will start their application with a sense of optimism. Unfortunately, this is often shattered by a denied application. While many factors and causes can contribute to a denial, there is an appeal process that can be used to overturn wrongful denials. The need to file an appeal can lengthen the time that your application will need to be completed, but there may be no other option for those that have had their initial application denied.

You May Be Entitled To Back Pay

The start of the disability application process to its conclusion can take many months to complete. During this time, individuals must not work as this could result in a disqualification for these benefits. To account for this lapse in earnings, disability benefits will often include an element of back pay. This back pay will start accumulating once the initial paperwork for the disability application is submitted. It will continue to accumulate until the application is approved. It should be noted that back pay is only awarded in instances where the application is approved.

A Disability Attorney Can Provide Important Benefits

Individuals will often make the fateful decision to attempt the disability application process without being professionally represented. This can lead to these individuals quickly becoming overwhelmed by the complexity of this process, or they may make a tactical error that weakens their claim. Retaining an ss disability attorney can reduce the risks of these issues, as these professionals will have years of experience with navigating clients through the complexities and nuances of this process. The fees of these attorneys are capped, and they are only collected after disability is awarded.