Is Your Brand New Car In The Shop Monthly Because Of A Defect? Get A Lemon Law Case Filed Now

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Is Your Brand New Car In The Shop Monthly Because Of A Defect? Get A Lemon Law Case Filed Now

25 June 2018
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Purchasing a brand new car is something that should be fun and exciting, and if you have purchased a new car and had nothing but burdens, it's time to contact a lawyer. If you have had the vehicle in the shop consistently, and you are tired of dealing with the hassles associated with not having a car, and paying for things to be worked on, you want to see if you can qualify for lemon law. Here are some things you want to know, and that you should talk with a lawyer about.

What is Lemon Law?

Lemon law is a law that was put into place to protect consumers who have purchased quality goods or products that don't meet the necessary performance standards. If you have purchased a vehicle that has defaults or lacks the ability to perform as needed, you would want to file a lemon law case. Consumers shouldn't be stuck with goods that don't meet standards of quality and performance, especially when they purchased the items brand new at full price.

Do You Qualify?

There are different factors that will determine if your vehicle qualifies for a lemon law claim, and a lawyer can help you out with this. If your vehicle has a major defect and the dealership has attempted many times to fix the problem without success, even though it has been covered under the warranty, you could qualify. If you have more than one defect, this increases your chances of getting the case approved.

What Inconveniences Have You Had?

Talk with the lawyer about the inconveniences you have had because of this problem with vehicle, like having to get rides and pay for a rental vehicle. There could be other hassles, stress and expenses associated with the vehicle problems. If you were in a bad accident because of the vehicle defaults, or any accident that caused medical concerns, this may be a separate lawsuit.

When you purchase a brand new vehicle you are under the assumption that you are getting a top quality piece of machinery, not a problematic unit that will breakdown all the time and cause safety concerns an complications. Talk with a lawyer about what you have going on with your vehicle, and what you want to do to approach a solution. If you think that you qualify for a lemon law claim, contact San Jose Lemon Law Center to start your paperwork as soon as possible.