Why Hiring A Fertility Lawyer Is Ideal When A Sperm Donor Is Used

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Why Hiring A Fertility Lawyer Is Ideal When A Sperm Donor Is Used

29 August 2016
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Are you and your husband considering a sperm donor because he is unable to sire children? Although opting for a sperm donor is a great way for you to get pregnant, it can lead to numerous legal issues if not done the right way. It is wise to hire a fertility lawyer before moving forward with the process, especially if the donor is a friend. Take a look at the information in this article to get a general idea of how a fertility lawyer can assist you and your spouse.

1. Protect the Future Rights of Your Child

You must keep in mind that it is possible that your child will find out that he or she was born from a sperm donor. If the donated sperm is coming from a fertility clinic, the name of the donor will likely be withheld. However, a lawyer can draft up an agreement that gives your child rights to know who the donor is if it is desired in the future. For instance, your child might need the information for medical reasons if he or she develops a serious health condition. The agreement can also come in handy if he or she ever becomes depressed due to not knowing his or her biological father.

2. Make Sure the Donor is Unable to Claim Parental Rights

If one of your friends will be the sperm donor, it is important to have a parental rights agreement in place. You don't want to end up having the child and then find out that the donor wants a paternity test and custody rights. A lawyer will draft up an agreement that forbids the donor from fighting for custody of the child. The agreement can also be used for mandating that the donor keeps the entire situation confidential. Basically, the donor will simply donate the sperm and must move on with his life.

3. Determine What Happens with Custody in a Divorce

Being that your spouse will not be the biological father of the child, the situation can become complicated if a divorce occurs. It is wise to have a legal document in place that grants both of you custody rights if the marriage doesn't work out. Allowing your spouse to adopt the child upon birth is an even better idea, as he will automatically have full parental rights.

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