4 Ways To Prepare For Your Trucking Accident

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4 Ways To Prepare For Your Trucking Accident

27 July 2016
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Being hurt due to a collision can be a scary time of life.  If you're faced with severe injuries, this can be both frustrating and expensive. However, the key to getting through this challenging time may rest in taking legal action against the other driver. You will need to be as prepared as possible if this is something you want to pursue. Civil litigation will require you to go through the discovery stages to prove your case, and knowing what these four steps are can be extremely helpful to you.

Written interrogatories

The key for the legal system to learn the details of what occurred with your wreck is by providing the right amount of details. The time to do this is during written interrogatories, and you will be required to answer a series of questions.

The deposition

One of the most common ways for you to provide the various details of your case is by meeting with your opponent's attorney. This is referred to as a deposition and could last for a long time.

Keep in mind you should never attend this meeting without having your attorney with you, and it's imperative for you to tell the truth at all times.

Request for admissions statements

You may be asked to either admit or deny certain statements to assist in getting to the meat of the case. This may help you avoid spending a long time in court and is typically the reason admission statements are served.

Knowing what facts should be brought up in court which ones aren't necessary can shorten the time needed and get the case resolved much more quickly.

Request for production documents

The best time to work to recover lost money is during the request for production documents. You should be prepared to provide some or all of the information listed below to do so:

1. Medical bills – These should include all of the costs of your full recovery.

2. Vehicle damage – The costs to fix or replace your car.

Be sure to include any of the losses you may have had to endure because of the truck accident. It's your legal right to work towards fully recovering these.

Taking the time to work to get the money you lost back because of the collision you were involved in is worthwhile. Be sure to schedule some time with a personal injury attorney to help you do so today.