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Kung-Fu Panda And A Case Of Intellectual Property Fraud

3 October 2017
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A seasoned artist brought a rather serious lawsuit against DreamWorks Animation -- one that actually survived the studio's request for summary judgment. That fact alone made it seem like the case had some unusual merits -- and then it took an unusual twist that should be a warning sign to trademark trolls everywhere: if you're going to try to sue for the theft of your original ideas or art, make sure that you didn't steal them from somewhere else. Read More …

Two Unfair Reasons You May Be Denied Custody Of Your Kids

30 March 2017
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Family law courts are supposed to make decisions based on the facts of a case and what's in the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, bias does creep in, resulting in unfair decisions against the affected parents. Here are two things that shouldn't affect your child custody case but can and what you can do about them. Mental Illness According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, at any given time, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness. Read More …

Veterans, In Financial Trouble With Injuries?

24 February 2017
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Transitioning to a civilian life can be difficult, especially if you have injuries and other conditions from your time in military service. Some issues are severe enough to make disability an obvious answer, but even the small aches and pains or mental unrest can add up over time. Don't grin and bear it; get the help you need from a multitude of support services. If you don't take it, the money and resources will just sit there unused--and not just waiting for a person in greater need. Read More …

Strengthening Your Social Security Disability Claim To Get The Benefits You Deserve

10 February 2017
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When you are disabled and are no longer able to work, it's time to apply for Social Security disability benefits. While the process can be difficult, you can make your application stronger when you focus on providing accurate documentation and proof of your disability. Responding to all questions from Social Security is essential, and having your treatment team on board with your application will strengthen your application. If you are hurt, but you aren't going to any providers to try to recover from your illness or injury, you won't have anyone to back up your claim that you are disabled and unable to keep working. Read More …

Three Real-Life Ways To Avoid Drinking And Driving

23 January 2017
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"Don't drink and drive!" These words have probably been drilled into your brain from the time you were a youngster who wasn't even allowed to imbibe. But while most all adults know that drinking and driving is a bad idea, DUIs still happen because people do not make the smartest decisions when they've had a few alcoholic beverages. If you really want to avoid drinking and driving, you need to do more than memorize the mantra, " Read More …