Reasons An Unhappy Marriage Is Worse For A Child Than A Divorce

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Reasons An Unhappy Marriage Is Worse For A Child Than A Divorce

8 April 2016
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Did you know there are 1.5 million children in the United States with parents who get a divorce every year? One of the biggest concerns for two individuals in an unhappy marriage is the welfare of their children. Unfortunately, this drives some parents to stay in their unhappy marriage to protect their children. What parents in this situation need to realize is a good divorce is better for children than a bad marriage for a lot of different reasons.

You May Find a New Drive After The Divorce

While this isn't the case with everyone, some divorced parents develop a whole new mojo and drive to get things done. Staying in an unhappy marriage can cause a person to slip into depression. Depression can make an individual lose the desire to do or strive for certain things. The release and relief of ending the unhappy marriage could be just what the parent needs to start living his or her life and accomplishing goals again.

You Are Teaching Your Children How Important Personal Happiness Is

Naturally, the most important thing to you is your children. In fact, putting your children before yourself is what many consider being a gold standard in the world of parenting. This, however, does not mean you should sacrifice your own happiness 100 percent of the time. Teaching your child how important it is to end a relationship you are not happy in will send a powerful message your child can carry with him or her for the rest of his or her life. After all, the last thing you want is for your child to remain in a relationship he or she is unhappy or unsafe in at any point in time during his or her life.

You Create a Calmer Household

An excessive amount of fighting and arguing is not healthy for a child. The last thing a growing child needs is to be surrounded by a negative environment. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you are only going to be able to pretend to be happy for so long. Furthermore, settling for a marriage you are unhappy in sends all the wrong messages to your child. In addition to teaching your child that staying in a relationship, he or she is unhappy in is alright, you are also teaching your child that it is alright to pretend to be happy. In reality, you should want for your child to be happy instead of pretending.

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